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Data Catalog

Data Catalog Application - View data layers available on our Public Data CD. Toggle map layers on and off using the layer list. Zoom and Pan around the layers and use the identify tool to browse the attributes included on each layer.

View List of Layers

Purchase Data

Order Form - Download the Data CD order form in PDF format. Send in the order form along with the signed disclaimer and contact information sheet with the designated payment to receive a CD with all the layers shown on the Data Catalog Application.

Parcel Layer Attributes Include:
APN - Assessor Parcel Number
BKPG - Assesseor Book and Page
PARCEL - Assessor Parcel Lot Number
MH - Flag for Mobile Home Lot
ROW - Indicates Landscape or Non Tax Lot

Ownership and Landuse Attributes can be obtained in tabular form from the Yuba County Assessor for an additional charge.

Data Updates - With your purchase of our Data CD we record your contact information in our update email list. As we post updates on any layer contained on the CD we will notify the members of our contact list with instructions to download these updates from an FTP download site.

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